There are a growing number these days who, in the name of Christ, seek to dissuade us from celebrating the birth of Jesus each December.

They go to great lengths to enlighten us regarding the pagan associations of the winter solstice, the worship of Druid gods, and idolatry related to evergreen trees. They chide us, saying we are somehow playing into Satan’s insidious scheme by honoring the birth of Christ with our Christmas traditions.

Don’t believe it.

This old “guilt-by-association” argument condemning our celebrations of Christ must be examined from a biblical perspective (See Rom.14:1-6; 1Cor.5:9-10; 1Cor.8:4-6; 1Cor.10:25-30). To condemn our Christ-honoring praise for the incarnation each December because of some ancient pagan associations is as ludicrous as disallowing Sunday worship because “Sunday” was initially designated for the worship of “Sol” the Sun god.

Historically Christians have rightly redeemed certain days, words and places for the worship of Jesus Christ. As Paul wrote when facing the critics in Corinth “Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it’” (1Cor.10:25-26).

So let us utilize all we can to bring glory, honor and praise to God for the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

— Pastor Mike


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  1. Pastor Mike, I’m so glad you addressed this false movement before us today. It is not new either – Pastor J-Mac addresses it in the Judizers of Acts 15 before the Jerusalem Council. I have unfortunately met and have dear gentile christian friends who have fallen head-over-heals into the Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM) and the Sacred Name Movement where this is fully coming from today (i.e., G-d). They tell me, all that you so accurately stated about Christmas, Easter and Passover being thrown into the blender of deception that they proselytize for. Sad, I’ve had to break off fellowship with them. It has become a cult movement of huge proportions today sweeping the Messianic Jewish culture too (“messianic” not used in NT). Blessings!

  2. This article makes me so sad. The comment above makes me even more sad.

    Pastor Mike, you wrote a great blog about discerning false teachers, and how most Christians today don’t place enough concern in their walk discerning these false teachers. Yet- here you are.

    You grossly misrepresent the teachings of Paul. Paul fully taught and fully lived according the the Law of Moses, even taking a Nazarene vow to prove it. The accusations against Peter were FALSE, and then the same accusations came against Paul. He wasn’t telling people it’s ok to eat unclean animals as food- God’s definition of food never changed. He was telling the Jews that their ritual of hand washing doesn’t make FOOD clean or unclean, because FOOD is never an unclean animal to begin with: food is clearly defined in Leviticus 11, and not once, ever, is it abrogated. In fact, he was saying that we shouldn’t regard anyone’s choice to FAST from certain foods better or worse because scripture doesn’t expressly address it. He also wasn’t saying that it’s ok to change God’s SABBATH, he was addressing the extra-biblical Jewish tradition of FASTING on specific days.

    Peter’s vision wasn’t about whether the definition of food changed, or else his vision wouldn’t have confused him. His vision was very clearly interpreted: GENTILES are no longer to be considered unclean. That’s it! No other interpretation needed!! You are on dangerous ground by adding doctrine to scripture that isn’t there!

    Why are people so pompous to assume that the writings of Paul can be used to justify any part of God’s Law being annulled? Why would anyone believe that the writings of Paul trump the words of our ONLY Messiah- who declared that not one JOT or TITTLE of the Law will be done away with until ALL is accomplished?? Mind you, we do not yet live in the New Heaven or New earth, so all is not yet accomplished.

    Why are people so arrogant to assume that they may continue to break God’s Laws because of Grace, when Peter even warned us that Paul’s writings could be twisted by ignorant and unstable people to the error of LAWLESSNESS?

    We are commanded to NOT learn the ways of the heathen. HOW. MANY. TIMES. throughout the entire first testament did God repeatedly tell His people NOT to worship him just any old way they wanted?? Are people so arrogant to assume that because of this Grace (which, by the way, wasn’t a new concept in the New Testament…) we are somehow more special than God’s first-born Israel, and that we in fact *can* worship Him just any old way we want (including the same ways the Pagans worshiped their gods)?? I promise you that the God that I worship and adore is Unchanging… and He would NOT want to be worshiped the same way the ancient sun gods and moon goddesses were worshipped.

    I strongly encourage you to take off any pride you might have, any preconceived doctrines you’ve been hanging your hat on, and simply read the Word according to Deuteronomy 13, the very same way the Bereans would have checked all of Paul’s writings. If Paul declared that God’s Law changed… he indeed would have been a false prophet.

    People always forget that Paul’s first four instructions for new believers all concerned false god worship, and then Paul followed that up with the understanding that new converts would learn the WHOLE Law of God in the symphonies every sabbath, and as they were convicted they would repent of their sins and follow God’s commands. ALL of them. The only commands we CANNOT follow anymore have to do with the sacrifices or anything concerning the actually Physical Temple…. because there isn’t one. But there will be. When Jesus reigns for 1000 years, we will all be following God’s Laws. Including The food laws and holy days. I can assure you… there will be no Christmas or Easter.

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