There are a growing number these days who, in the name of Christ, seek to dissuade us from celebrating the birth of Jesus each December.

They go to great lengths to enlighten us regarding the pagan associations of the winter solstice, the worship of Druid gods, and idolatry related to evergreen trees. They chide us, saying we are somehow playing into Satan’s insidious scheme by honoring the birth of Christ with our Christmas traditions.

Don’t believe it.

This old “guilt-by-association” argument condemning our celebrations of Christ must be examined from a biblical perspective (See Rom.14:1-6; 1Cor.5:9-10; 1Cor.8:4-6; 1Cor.10:25-30). To condemn our Christ-honoring praise for the incarnation each December because of some ancient pagan associations is as ludicrous as disallowing Sunday worship because “Sunday” was initially designated for the worship of “Sol” the Sun god.

Historically Christians have rightly redeemed certain days, words and places for the worship of Jesus Christ. As Paul wrote when facing the critics in Corinth “Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it’” (1Cor.10:25-26).

So let us utilize all we can to bring glory, honor and praise to God for the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

— Pastor Mike


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  1. Pastor Mike, I’m so glad you addressed this false movement before us today. It is not new either – Pastor J-Mac addresses it in the Judizers of Acts 15 before the Jerusalem Council. I have unfortunately met and have dear gentile christian friends who have fallen head-over-heals into the Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM) and the Sacred Name Movement where this is fully coming from today (i.e., G-d). They tell me, all that you so accurately stated about Christmas, Easter and Passover being thrown into the blender of deception that they proselytize for. Sad, I’ve had to break off fellowship with them. It has become a cult movement of huge proportions today sweeping the Messianic Jewish culture too (“messianic” not used in NT). Blessings!

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